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Is named for

Maquil is named for the tropical tree macuil which grows on our grounds and from which much of our furniture is crafted.  It also is a word that means five in the Zapotec language, a number that suggests the five elements of the Maquil experience we strive to provide our guests.

1.- Surroundings

In Spanish there is a word, acogedor, which means that you are embraced by the surroundings. 


Our spaces and gardens are designed with care so that the scale, colors, and light make you feel that welcome embrace.


2.- Comfort

Guests love the rustic nature of Zipolite but appreciate clean comfortable accommodations which include quality bedding, air conditioning, and modern bathrooms.


The nicest, most interesting people stay with us and many friendships have begun over a glass of wine and a lively conversation.  We love our regular guests who return year after year to renew the friendships made at Maquil and Casa Sol


4.- Service

We are constantly complimented on our staff who go out of their way to anticipate needs and to pleasantly address requests.  You will always find yourself being greeted with a welcoming smile.

5.- Hospitality

  Guests are treated like friends and family because Maquil is not just a place to stay.   We want you to enjoy your your visit to our beautiful part of Mexico and we are always looking for ways to enhance that experience.

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